National Microcredit Program, Do You Know What it is?

If you have entrepreneurial spirit and ideas for setting up your business, microcredit can be the kick-off to turn your dream into a successful project.

Are you thinking about creating or expanding your own business, but you have no money to invest or guarantees to offer? O Sou Mais – National Microcredit Program can be the support you need to help make your dream come true through funding that can reach 20,000 euros.


To whom it is intended


Microcredit can be the key to creating your own job and simultaneously, depending on the type of business, help create new jobs. This was conceived to think of “all those who have special difficulties of access to the labor market and are at risk of social exclusion, have a viable business idea, entrepreneurial profile and formulate and present viable projects to create jobs”. As well as in the “micro-entities and cooperatives up to 10 workers, including in this number the cooperative workers, who present feasible projects with net creation of jobs, especially in the field of activity in the social economy area”, informs the Sia Dozm – National Program of Microcredit.


Give wings to your dreams

If you are over 18 and a business project in mind “with a maximum investment and funding ceiling of € 20,000,” explains Sou Mais, you can start working and applying. Please note, however, you may not have recorded unwarranted incidents in your bank history.

If you want to get approval for the microcredit, you will need to submit several documents, which you can download on the website of the program. These include, for example, the Validation Form and the Business Dossier, the Protocol with the Institute of Informatics of Social Security, IP, the Protocol of Cooperation and Provision of Technical Support, between CASES and Entities Certified to Provide Technical Support (ECPAT), the Minutes of accreditation; the Youth Recipient Declaration of the PNM, to be issued by the IEFP, IP, and the ECPAT Assessment Sheet (Entity for Provision of Technical Support) by the promoter.


A solution that comes from (your) bank

A solution that comes from (your) bank

There are several banking entities that offer microcredit solutions in order not only to stimulate entrepreneurship and create self-employment, but also to promote social inclusion. Inquire!


Did you get a microcredit? Attention!

microcredit? Attention!

Once you get approval and the amount needed to take your project forward, there are some cautions you should not neglect, namely investing the money only in the initial project and not using it for other purposes, such as paying other bills, for example. Something that also should not fail is the fulfillment of the defined payment deadlines. Make a budget and follow it scrupulously.


Do you know that…


According to information published by the Agency for Development and Cohesion IP, “between January and August 2018 [year in which microcredit broke records], and in the scope of the activity developed in the National Microcredit Program (PNM), 171 projects were validated of investment “? The same source also reveals that it is in the age group between 30 and 45 years old that there is the largest number of Portuguese who seek to create their own job.

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