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Multiple payday loans help -The best place to consolidate payday loans fast

Here is the best place to consolidate payday loans fast  The consolidation of payday loans via is one of the most used processes from people who have many payday loans. The first and most important step in the analysis of the BIK report. Sometimes it happens that we also need other reports from economic databases such […]

Borrow money and divorce

A divorce is usually very sad and then there are all kinds of financial aspects involved. Do you have a loan and are you getting a divorce, what are the consequences? As a mediator, Good Finance is happy to assist you in this. If you both signed the loan agreement at the time, you are […]

Debt consolidation, what is it?

Debt consolidation is essentially the process of combining multiple debts into one. The goal is often to reduce the monthly payments and the total interest accumulated on the debt. As a result, the task of paying off your debts is simplified and your credit rating improves. Consolidating your debts can include a combination of several […]

Mortgages: the fixed rate grows

The mortgage situation appears positive for the present and for the immediate future, and the most recent statistics show a growth in the fixed-rate mortgage . The data of the last Observatory updated to February 28, 2018, show the money, indexing parameter of fixed-rate mortgages, on the upswing compared to the last months of the […]

Consumer-friendly Home Loans in Detail

If you are interested in buying real estate, then you have certainly come across Consumer Friendly Home Loans. Although you may not have known what that meant. A Consumer Friendly Home Loan is a certification that you can only get a loan if you meet strict requirements. Let’s see the details!   What is Consumer Friendly […]

National Microcredit Program, Do You Know What it is?

If you have entrepreneurial spirit and ideas for setting up your business, microcredit can be the kick-off to turn your dream into a successful project. Are you thinking about creating or expanding your own business, but you have no money to invest or guarantees to offer? O Sou Mais – National Microcredit Program can be […]